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Beyton Church Archive

Graham Rendle has suggested we create a ‘history’ of Beyton Church – not just the building, although that will come into it, but more of the ‘human side’ with tales and photographs to make us laugh, think, remember and pray.  This won’t just be for those of us in the village now, or visitors from other parishes and other countries who often call in to ‘have a look’ when passing, but really for the benefit of future generations.  We often plant trees, tidy up areas, and take photos ourselves, knowing that if we’re not here to enjoy the maturity of these actions, then someone else will gain from them. The creation of these archives will add to the interest in our church both now and in years to come.

If you have photos or stories of events such as weddings and Christenings, Christmas parties or other group events held at the church. For example, there was the wonderful evening held to celebrate the millennium – you may have photos we may borrow, or memories you’d be prepared to write a few words about. At this stage we’re not sure of the best way to collect, store or display this sort of material, so all suggestions, contributions and especially the help of anyone who has any experience of this sort of thing – a librarian…historian…photographer.. .?

Please get in touch with Graham Rendle : 01359 270924