Bury Christian Youth

If you could ask God one question, and you knew you would get an answer, what would you ask? What a privilege to stand in front of several hundred students
in assembly and ask this question! But even better is when we get to flip this one on its
head… What if God could ask YOU one question? What would he ask? Actually, Jesus already asked it when he turned to the disciples and said, ‘Who do you say I am?’ Initially the disciples told him what everyone else thought. So he asked again. ‘Who do YOU say I am?’ And that question is surely exactly what he would ask today.

Young people take so many of their cues from the surrounding culture; from hearsay; from vague understanding and assumptions. But Jesus cuts to the heart of the call of God—a call to each of them to a personal understanding of who he is, and a personal response to him. This is why we do what we do — to call young people to seek after who God is. And we rely on his promise that ‘whoever seeks will find’, knowing that ‘His faithfulness continues to all generations.’



  • For every child who attends—especially new year 5s.
  • For Nicola as she adapts to providing material for so many groups!
  • For all those involved in running clubs—that we will clearly represent Jesus to the children.
  • For Caroline and Clare as they set up the new club at Ixworth Middle School.
  • For suitable volunteers to represent the local church well in our schools.


  • Boldness for the CU leaders & members, strong student leadership and favour with their school.
  • That Thurston Community College CU will become well established in the new academic year.


  • That more people would consider making even a small, regular donation.
  • That God will provide all we need to renew our aging computer equipment!


  • For inspiration for powerful messages that will make people stop and think.
  • lovelife
  • Pray for Sarah and Matt as they develop the project
  • That young people will see that keeping sex for marriage makes sense
  • That they will have a stronger resolve not to lightly enter into sexual relationships
    For those who are already engaged in sexual activity that they would be able to see that it is not too late to change


  • That every person who comes along will have a greater understanding of prayer.
  • Wisdom as the project grows and develops.
  • For those with troubles or needs to feel a sense of un-burdening, and an understanding that ‘God did that’!
  • For wisdom during one to one conversations with students—for words of blessing and encouragement.
  • That the schools will know a real benefit from the week in terms of answered prayers

We would like to pay tribute to everyone who has volunteered their time to help us
this year—we are enormously grateful. Please praise God for them!
Thank you to every single one of you 🙂

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