Chaplain in the workplace

Update on the Chaplaincy for Local Churches – Who are we?

The work of Chaplain in the Workplace (CITW) continues to serve employees in various places of work in Bury St Edmunds. It was formed seventeen years ago and provides support for people in their place of work by offering a confidential, independent, non-judgmental service which allows them to discuss any difficulties, work or home related and find ways of coping. CITW is a registered charity (1066706) overseen by a Board of Trustees and is supported by local churches and Christians, but not affiliated to any particular denomination.

How do we work?

The Chaplain works with specific employers in Bury St Edmunds in order to provide continuity and familiarity. Regular visits at the employments who have agreed that we may provide this service are made and the contact consists of informal chats either on site or elsewhere if required. Support is also available for Christians in the Workplace by assisting them in bridging the gap between demands of Church and Work.

Where do we work?

The Chaplain presently visits two Supermarkets, The West Suffolk College and the shops which comprise the Arc shopping complex. Other possibilities are under discussion. The Chaplain is also available to share the work of CITW at local churches and Christian Unions.

A word from our Chaplain.

My name is Joel Foyster and I am a member of Southgate Church. I became Chaplain for CITW last Autumn and work up to 2 days each week and talk to employees about: Personal difficulties as a result of stress, illness, crises, debt and relationships. Issues about life in general and work problems. Faith. I am constantly looking for opportunities to share Jesus with those I have contact with. Having established regular visits over the past months I am now being trusted and having good discussions about the Meaning and Purpose of Life.


God’s protection on the Chaplain day by day and clear opportunities to share Jesus with people.

Prayer support and the formation of a Prayer Team.

Good working relationships at the various places of Employment.

That Local Churches and Individuals will catch the Vision of sharing faith in the Workplace and demonstrate this in Financial support.

This will enable the work of CITW to grow.

Contact details: Chaplain: Joel Foyster – Email: Tel/text 07858496751

Chair of Trustees: Victor Jack – Email: Tel/text 079854352